April 2017

Upcoming Events

It has been a busy year so far and a lot of positive things have been happening.  I joined Aspect Coffee Collective and got trained on their Probat roaster and signed up with Buckman Coffee Factory to roast on their Proaster roasting machine.  Between the two, I’ve been able to step up production and provide […]

January 2017

Roasting Fun

Recently I had the priviledge to roast with Buckman Coffee Factory.  The plan was to explore how manipulating the roast could bring out different flavors in the coffee and find the best profile for a particular bean.  The coffee chosen was an organic mexican coffee from the El Triunfo region.  It’s a fully washed coffee […]

December 2016

2017 and Beyond

Happy New Year!  I’m excited about the year ahead.  There are opportunities on the horizon and good things are happening.  See you in 2017.  Cheers!

Happy Holidays

It’s always fun to roast, but especially so during the holidays.  Freshly roasted coffee in colorful red, green, and silver bags make great christmas gifts.  Thanks to the Aspect Coffee Collective, for use of their Probat roaster.  Happy Holidays!

April 2016

Next Steps

Our first year in business was all about laying the foundation for the business.  This year we will build on that.  Plans include activating online ordering so you can enjoy our coffee at home, buying equipment, serving our coffee at more events, and more.  Stay tuned for news here, on our Facebook page- www.facebook.com/tcrowncoffee, and twitter- […]

January 2016

Visit us again at PCT DAYS!

Don’t miss our booth at the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Pacific Crest Trail Days on Aug 19-21 in Cascade Locks.  We will be serving a fresh batch of Pacific Crest Trail roast and will have locally baked goods to start your day!   Visit pctdays.com for event details.