Recently I had the priviledge to roast with Buckman Coffee Factory.  The plan was to explore how manipulating the roast could bring out different flavors in the coffee and find the best profile for a particular bean.  The coffee chosen was an organic mexican coffee from the El Triunfo region.  It’s a fully washed coffee and right away we noticed that it required more heat to penetrate the bean due to it’s  moisture content.   Sufficient heat is required to produce the right amount of energy to develop properly throughout the process.  We roasted 4 small batches, each a little different – 2 dark roasts, 1 medium roast, and 1 light roast.  The next day we cupped them blindly.  Our favorite was one of the dark roasts.  It has a chocolatey nutty flavor and with some adjustments  will make a great dark roast  for the Continental Divide Trail coffee.  Big thanks to the staff at Buckman!