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Lisa Seeley

Lisa Seeley – Owner / Roaster – Triple Crown Coffee

Originally from Michigan, Lisa moved to Portland, Oregon, where she learned to appreciate coffee and the “farm to cup process.” Living in the Pacific NW became a foundation for perfecting the craft of sourcing and roasting great coffee and starting her company, “Triple Crown Coffee.” Lisa hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 2012 and the Continental Divide Trail in 2014, 2 of the 3 long-distance hiking trails which make up the “triple crown of hiking trails.” (The other one is the Appalachian Trail.) As a way to give back to her trail experiences, a portion of sales are donated to the trail organizations that protect each trail they represent. Lisa is a full-time airline pilot, a member of the Oregon Coffee Board, and enjoys hiking, dancing, and rock climbing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you roast your beans? 2018-04-13T15:06:54+00:00

We roast our coffee beans at a commercial roaster at Aspect Coffee Collective, (a subsidiary of Mr. Green Beans) and at Buckman Coffee Factory.

Where do you get your coffee beans? 2018-02-19T16:02:42+00:00

From Mr. Green Beans, an importer/retailer based in Portland.

Do you have a shop? 2018-02-19T15:52:51+00:00

Not at this time, but maybe in the future!  

Can I serve Triple Crown Coffee at my event? 2018-02-19T15:33:19+00:00

Yes!  Please send your name and event info to Lisa at seeleylisa@gmail.com.

What types of coffee are available? 2018-02-12T14:59:23+00:00

Light, medium, and dark roasts are available in ground and whole bean.

Where is Triple Crown Coffee based? 2018-02-12T14:50:15+00:00

Portland, Oregon, USA.

Can I order coffee for my business? 2018-04-10T17:48:20+00:00

Yes! We can also help with providing info on setting up a coffee kiosk, etc.  Please go to the Contact page and send us an inquiry.

When I order coffee, how will I receive it? 2018-02-23T16:05:11+00:00

You can choose to have it delivered for a flat rate of $5 (no limit to amount) or delivered to an address within 15 miles of zip code 97213 for $10.

What size is each bag of coffee? 2018-02-23T16:43:17+00:00

Each bag is 12 ounces, which is 3/4 pound.  The amount can make (62) 9 ounce cups of coffee!